Matthew 18:21-35


A servant is forgiven his great debt to his master; then the servant who is forgiven goes out to find one of his own fellow servant who owed him a debt and grabbed him by the throat telling him pay me what you owe me! Forgetting the mercy shown him previously, when this servant asked for the same mercy it was denied and he was thrown into prison!

The fellow servants went back to original Master and told him what happened and he called his servant he had mercy on, back to him and because he had not shown mercy on his servant as this master had done for him, he delivered him up to torture until he could pay his Master all he owed him. Verse 35: “so My heavenly Father also will do to you IF each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses.”

Forgiveness, it’s necessary! You ask God to forgive you, He does, and yet you won’t show the same mercy to your fellow man?

I have learned in my life, forgiveness is key. It gives you peace in your heart.


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