Jenna’s Beliefs

What I believe:

Jesus is God born of the Virgin Mary to show us exactly how He wants us to live our life here, how we are to treat one another and to conquer death for sin, for without His shed blood we have no forgiveness. Jesus is the Word who is spoke of in Genesis, and the Word was with God.

I believe in full submersion baptism that reflects, Jesus being buried and rising again in 3 days.
I believe in the partaking of the Passover, the wine and the bread signifying: the wine: the blood of Christ. The bread/cracker: the body of Christ.
I believe that we are to love everyone, including our enemies because God made all of us. We are to pray for our enemies as well and for our leaders.

I believe we all fall short of the Glory of our Lord and that IS why Jesus came and was crucified on the cross, shed His blood for our sinful, fleshly nature.

I believe there is one True God, the Almighty. We are to have NO other gods before Him. We need to fellowship with one another in order to keep each other uplifted in this insane world. We need to stay in the Word daily and in prayer so as to keep growing in our faith and walk with the Lord.