Understanding Prophecy
Keys to understanding prophecy are knowing what symbols mean.

Dragon= Satan

Lamb= Jesus

Women =Church

Mountains= kingdoms/ governments


Harlot/fallen woman= church not following God’s way Often misunderstood: the 7 churches in Rev. 2 and 3 represent the 7 stages the true church of God would pass through before Christ returns. (Hope this helps some who study prophecy)


  1. Revealr

    Nice site!

    God’s Word is both amazingly simple and yet so incredibly complexed! However, what makes biblical prophecy so intriguing to me is the way God designed everything to be truly multifaceted. Prophetic events seem to be used universally at differing points in time – like the seven churches of Revelation. Today we can look at these churches and know our place in history (signs of the times). Jesus, through John, shows us the condition of God’s people both today and back then using the seven churches – as if parallel to one another and (if that’s not enough) lines each church up with a 1000 year period in history to prove himself yet again! Just amazing, no man could duplicate such supernatural diversities in the scripture!

    For me, the question now is – what time period are we in and what is it God has for me to do during this time? According to the signs in the heavens, scriptural teaching and world events as I understand them, we should be nearing the Millennial reign of Christ – putting us somewhere between the church of Laodicea and Philidelphia. If correct, our children and grandchildren may actual be participants in the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ! An age of perfect peace and love with one ruler and one government. Scripture says the believer will rule and reign with Christ during this time – that to me is unimaginable!

    Godspeed you,

    • Jenna

      I so agree with you!!!!

  2. Chris

    That’s interesting, never knew that


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